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Our attempts to relax are seriously stressing us out

By Engagement1 min read

[The following is an extract from the original article that was published in]

In the digital era, a lot of us feel busier than our parents and grandparents ever were. But analyses of the way we actually use our time suggest that we’re mistaken. On the whole, we’re not doing any more work than previous generations. We don’t do any more household chores, either. So why do we feel so much busier?

It’s often suggested that the problem lies with the 24/7 modern work cycle, with email and frantic texts from colleagues eating into our leisure time. There’s no doubt that technology has had an effect on us—but work has always been demanding. What has transformed beyond recognition are not the psychological pressures we face at work, but those that we bring upon ourselves when we’re supposedly trying to relax.

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