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Working with Tony is a pleasure. His webinars are very inspirational and engaging and really make people rethink the way they do things, in their personal and work life. He empowers you to take control of your work-life balance with external insights, stories, and tips on managing attention in a fast-paced, always-on world.

Elsemiek GroenChange and Communication Lead, Heineken

It’s never an easy feat to capture and hold the attention of some of the greatest creative minds in UK advertising, but Tony Crabbe not only managed to do so for a full hour with our people from Ogilvy & Mather this week, but also successfully smashed through the occupational cynicism to lead an engaging and interactive discussion on Busy-ness. Tony’s insights on the problems of trying to cope with the scale and pace of business today (and, crucially, on how to fight back) was particularly relevant. Like almost all successful advertising agencies, Ogilvy is an organisation deluged with an ever-growing tide of urgent emails and crucial meetings that cascade down onto our creatives at exactly the same time we expect them to craft award-winning creative ideas for some of the best known brands in the world. It’s a difficult balance to get right. Eloquent and engaging from the start and with a host of great stories to illustrate his points, Tony turned what might have been a simple talk into a masterclass of action. You could see spirits lifting all over the room and, sure enough, the feedback after the session was amazing.

Ben YoungManaging Partner, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

On meeting Tony I was immediately struck by how affable he was – not something that I was expecting from someone that’s written a book and spends time with senior management. Added to that, he was funny –even on a one-to-one basis, I already knew that his 60 minutes were going to be good. What I didn’t anticipate is how well he’d engage the room. The talk was exceptional! It definitely helped that Tony had taken the time to assess the needs of his audience. Most of us were either nodding along in recognition at his anecdotes, when we weren’t laughing out loud at some of his wittier asides. The majority of people here struggle with balancing their time in front of a screen vs real human interaction, it was an incredible apt talk. Everyone came out of that room a little bit inspired, definitely energized and full of ideas, what more could you want from a speaker?

Natasha ChowdoryMicrosoft UK Learning Centre

With a delightful mix of psychological insights and a keen sense of humour, Tony captivated the audience’s (700+) attention in Amsterdam’s Westerkerk. Tony clearly has his finger firmly on the pulse of our time: we no longer want a life that’s filled to the rim with meaningless noise, but one with meaning and fulfilment. In all his gentleness, Tony challenges us to make tough choices if we really want to reclaim our lives. And judging by the attention he’s drawing, we are ready to do so.

Frits PhilipsThe School of Life Amsterdam

Thanks for making our seminar a remarkable one! We really enjoyed working together and you delivered a hell of a performance. Your style is really unique: with the the personal touch of a trainer, the sympathy of ‘an accidental guru’ and a number of great interventions that only the best speakers have. But most of all: we had a lot of fun. On stage and off. I am convinced that people in the audience feel this. It makes the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘magnificent’ seminar.

Hans JanssenDenk Producties

The session with Tony Crabbe was truly inspiring. We are frequently overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails, requests, information and communication in general and this session gave me valuable pointers in how to cut through this, work more effectively and deliver a far greater impact in what I do. I now organise my day into bite size chunks and this has given me back 30-45 mins per day for pro-active work.

Kate CochraneCommunications Manager, Posterscope

As soon as we spoke to Tony things began to make more sense and he has really helped us navigate our way through a severe case of busyness to a place where we can agree and set priorities in the confidence that we will get these done. But it is much more than that, we now feel in control; masters of our own destiny we are more able to dream and aim higher and it has become much more fun!

Claudia YorathHead of People and Progression, CREASEYS

Tony has incredible insights for any executive audience. His observations into how we work, live, and prioritise have a profound and actionable impact on all. Tony’s preparation was second to none. His engagement in pre-event briefings resulted in a curated keynote, specifically tailored to the needs of our audience. His tone is perfect, authoritative, insightful, intellectual, accessible and relatable. I would recommend Tony as a Keynote speaker for any executive audience.


Tony is a great speaker, he has a superb ability to make you look at how you approach every day in a new way. As someone who is guilty of answering every “How are you” request with “Busy”, Tony has made me sit up and think about the things I assume I have no choice about when in fact I do. His way of approaching this complex topic, is simple, honest and funny. I have so many things I want to change and I want to talk to my teams about.

Carrie BirminghamNEWS UK HR DIRECTOR

Keynotes & Webinars

The outcome of a session with me is insight, entertainment, and action.  People will learn to see things differently, they will enjoy themselves, but they will also take concrete steps to take control of their busyness and attention.

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The great value of workshops is that we can go deeper.  The format is deeply interactive, where people have the chance to discuss, explore and apply ideas.  We also have the chance for open discussions and questions on the specific issues people face.  All of this prepares people to integrate and apply the tips in the context of their day-to-day challenges.