Blackjack Ballroom Casino Site

Finding the best gaming site frequently appears to be the problem. I and you wanna know whether the portfolio is big enough, software is intuitive and bonuses are lavish. Despite the tough competition, not every operator is ready to make concessions for the sake of customers. They cheat, set impossible terms and so on. However, Blackjack Ballroom casino seems to be the honest and profitable venue according experts. Can it prove its fairness, answer your questions and provide you with top-notch products as well as nice complements? Of course, it can't be just the perfect place, but I want to give it my own rating position.

Real Account Bonuses

Once we've decided to try gambling over the Internet, we pay close attention to extras. This vendor is aimed at real accounts, as it's no fun to play with demo credits only. You should feel the adrenaline rush while wagering! It explains why the casino offers only deposit bonuses. However, we don't have to spend big money there - 10-20 dollars are enough to start getting match features. Eventually, your total prize can be as high as $500 for several replenishment transactions - the bonus to test any game you like. It is wonderful, isn't? Microgaming Software

Software and Games

The gambling industry is mostly served by several major providers, known around the world. These companies have been taking their leading positions for years. Blackjack Ballroom is the house that uses Microgaming's services from the very beginning. Of course, the portfolio also comes from this developer. Microgaming is famous for its paying titles, cross-platform compatibility and interactive products. Thus, as its clients, we have over 500 names on offer. Besides, all thrill seekers may choose among the most beneficial list of entertainments with progressive jackpots.


Any player should know that ignorance of the terms is not an excuse. Any sign-up user must read the agreement, accept it and only then start gambling. For my liking, the official website is the best place to learn all the rules. The conditions concern every aspect, providing the establishment with the rights to forfeit any extra, block your account and even blacklist you. Take some time and look at all provisions. Besides, bonus obligations are also listed there to help you avoid any confusions during claiming or withdrawing. FAQ


We understand that reading the conditions is a boring thing. Anyway, there are questions and aspects, you're still interested in. So, the FAQ's section is a good place to find the wanted answers. Luckily, the casino really tries to save your time and has placed there all the information about the signing, depositing, withdrawing, getting the VIP status. This page is also helpful in a case of missing something in the terms.

Player's Assistance

A gaming support team is a crucial link between the clientele and the house. Most casinos don't provide their customers with a qualitative help. However, Blackjack Ballroom takes care of its players, dealing with any gambling troubles. The service works 24/7 and offers quick solutions.

Problem Gambling

An honorable venue always meets users' needs, especially those, concerning problem playing. It has phone numbers of help centers on the bottom of the website. Thus, people who suffer from the uncontrollable betting can call and get a council or a needed assistance. It's a very crucial feature of any operator, as the amount of such people, unfortunately, grows year by year. This house has an access to the NCPG and Gamblers Anonymous too. Refer-a-Friend Program

Refer-a-Friend Program

It's not necessary to play games if you want to get some money. There's also the Refer-a-Friend program, meaning that you can invite your friends to register and wager. Your mate will have to specify your registration name, deposit at least $100 and contribute over $1K towards playthrough requirements. In other words, he/she must only show a wish to stay and gamble on this site.