Workshops- Public & Corporate

Corporate In-House workshops

Bespoke events designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs, ambitions and challenges.

Tony’s session was a resounding success with great engagement throughout, provoking lots of questions throughout the session.  Tony also spent some time understanding our business beforehand, which meant that what could have been an interesting presentation became much more relevant and valuable to all the attendees. We would highly recommend Tony for any business where managing time efficiently is crucial.”Nick Davis, Client Service Director, POSTERSCOPEthj5udiu63
“The better working life is to be found in managing our attention, not our time. It comes from doing fewer things, with a better quality of attention.” Tony Crabbe – The Business psychologist,  has taught companies including Microsoft, HSBC, News International and Disney how to deliver behavioural change by thinking about their problems differently.

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There is loads of great research about why we are busy, and evidence-based tools to help people to navigate their way to a more effective and happier response to a world of too much. However, while we know these tools work; it doesn’t mean every tool and every piece of research applies to every person in the same way. We find that people make the best progress when they have a chance to work through their own situation, values and challenges and develop a unique strategy for them. It is this process of integrating the research into a unique and personal plan for your work and life that makes the workshop so valuable; taking you further than a presentation ever could.

General Public Workshops

Led by bestselling Author &  Business psychologist Tony Crabbe. The sessions will consider why personal organization and time management are really bad approaches to handling a world of too much. It will outline how we can respond and use our attention more effectively and satisfyingly to produce better results, and experience more satisfaction. It will help you to identify ways to regain a sense of control over your life, to make better choices about what you focus on, to immerse yourself more deeply in your Family, with loved ones or at work.  How to avoid being distracted.  In essence, it will help you to figure out how you can move to a life beyond perpetual, frenetic busyness.

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