…doing things differently

‘Tony has facilitated a number of workshops for Salesforce across Europe. He’s a dynamic, energetic and engaging facilitator who is able to flex to a wide audience and deliver with an authentic style which fits Salesforce perfectly. I’m looking forward to working with Tony on a range of other projects in the near future.’ – Sarah Kenuel, EMEA Talent Development Senior Manager, SALESFORCE???????????????????

Facilitation is psychology in the raw. It’s about connecting.   I practice the art and science of facilitating great conversations that change how people think, feel and behave.  The art is about being completely present with the group, building trust but also warmth; groups like me.   It is this personal chemistry that allows me to be surprisingly direct and intrusive, diving beneath the surface of what I see and hear with curiosity.

My science is psychology:

I use psychology to highlight limitations in analysis, imagination and focus; more than that, over years of working with leadership teams, I’ve developed a host of simple tools to unblock thinking and help groups develop better ideas and plans.

Feelings are the great unspoken performance factor in any team or organization.  I’m a passionate student of real-world group dynamics, calling out the tensions and commitment issues I experience, and working with groups to resolve these in a positive, at times playful manner.

Behaviour change is the primary goal of most facilitation. Whether it’s about building more team cohesiveness, or triggering more group innovation, what matters is that things happen as a result of the event. My core value is about making a difference, and that means changing behaviour in a way that sticks.   I  use psychology to help teams craft commitments and plans that are likely to deliver lasting results and create new habits.