‘Tony is an incredible designer-we have leveraged his expertise in partnering with the business to create experiences that bridge knowledge gaps for our manager and leader population globally. He understands our landscape and the day to day challenges our people managers face and is able to create solutions that surface ‘ah-has’ and the discussions that are needed. He has been a critical partner in our cultural transformation’ – Erica Sprecher MICROSOFTmicrosoft-end

Learning programmes are not all created equal. Nor does great content work equally well in all settings. When the fundamental driver behind a learning programme is delivering lasting changes in behaviour, successful programmes happen at the intersection between the very best business ideas and practices across industries; state of the art research into cognitive, social and behavioural psychology; and the real challenges, context and culture of the organization itself.

blank page…

I am a passionate believer in approaching every programme from a blank page; with no preconceptions. It’s this approach that allows me to listen and understand the real needs of the organization. These are the starting point of any design. Once I ‘get’ the objectives and challenges, I then go to the literature and draw on previous experiences to craft something unique.

I also work following a ‘fast-prototyping’ approach. That is, I design fast-and-dirty versions of programmes for feedback. The reason I do this is because it’s always easier to comment and critique something then explain, in theory, what you want. The best programmes I’ve designed have been developed through a deep process of collaboration between the client, key stakeholders and myself.

psychological research…

Creativity is a core value for me. I use this to weave great business case studies and insightful psychological research into compelling experiences that change how people think and feel, and so change how they act. I use stories and movement to maximize attention and energy while creating the space for the critical conversations. It is these conversations which generate the a-ha moments that are essential in inspiring change.

Sometimes these learning programmes are delivered by me; very often they are designed to be delivered across the business and across countries by either trained facilitators, or by business leaders. In this case, I have a lot of experience in developing full supporting materials and preparing trainers to deliver with confidence and impact.