Harnessing attention in organizations

… because time is no longer our most limited resource;  attention is


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I don’t like buffets

Buffets give me loads of choice, provide instant gratification and save me time. All good, surely. The problem isn’t the buffet, it’s me. When faced with an abundance of options I can’t help loading my plate up too high with a weird assortment of flavors and textures. A selection no self-respecting chef would ever place


Why did you stop skipping?

I was walking down the street recently with my 7 year old son, for no apparent reason he started skipping. I think he might have been humming too. I was struck by this spontaneous expression of joy. It got me thinking about why I stopped skipping? Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Laureate for his work on



Homo erectus made the same type of hand axe for 1 million years. Not very inventive. Tools in those days changed slower than skeletons. Matt Ridely, in his brilliant TED talk ‘When ideas have sex’ explains that innovation accelerated when homo sapien came on the scene. He believes this was because of exchange, which allows

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Think or do. It’s one or the other

We’re simple creatures. Drawing a house-fly in a urinal reduces spillage by 80%; it gives men something to aim at. A deli taster counter with six choices of jam leads to a 30% purchase rate. When the number of jams is increased to 24, the number of purchases reduces to 3%. Why? It’s all about