Harnessing attention in organizations

… because time is no longer our most limited resource;  attention is


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Thinking with your body

For this little experiment you will need a pen. Hold the pen lightly in your lips.  Then read the following statement: Why don’t oysters ever donate to charity? Because they are shellfish! Now, take the same pen and hold it in your teeth.  Now read: Where is the English Channel? I’m not sure. We don’t

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Play isn´t the opposite of work

Play has little place in most modern organisations. Unless you work in Silicon Valley or for a wacky design agency with play dens and fireman’s poles, it just isn’t the norm at work. As young children, any distinction between play and work is meaningless; they do everything through play. As we grow, we learn how

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The madness of creativity

Writers and artists are 8 – 10 times more likely to suffer mood disorders than the general public. Does this show what many have long believed: that truly creative people are a bit odd? Maybe, but I think is has more to say about the importance of mood on creativity. So what does it take

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Go away! You’re making me nervous!

Where’s the K?  Why is it so much harder to do some things when we’re being watched?  I’m not a touch typer, but I’m reasonably fast and fluent on a keyboard…unless there’s someone at my shoulder.  If I’m being observed, suddenly consonants start hiding! The mere presence of people has been known to affect performance