Harnessing attention in organizations

… because time is no longer our most limited resource;  attention is


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Hot emails and emotional control

Abraham Lincoln got mad at times.  When he did, he had an interesting technique to deal with it.  He’d write what he called a ‘hot letter’.  In an article published yesterday in the New York Times, Maria Konnikova describes how Lincoln, for example, wrote a hot letter to General George C. Meade to express his

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Time awareness

My watch broke a few weeks ago. No big deal. However it’s summer, the children are at home, and my wife has broken her watch too (careless you might say). The effect has been dramatic. We get hardly anything done; routine has disappeared; days race by in a flash; and we are loving our untimed


Productivity through chunking and slicing

How long does your attention stay on one thing at work? One study found that office workers switch task every three minutes.  You’re working on a project and ‘ping’ an email arrives. You leap into action and deal with the email before returning to the project…then an IM pops onto your screen. It feels good


We need more doubt

I don’t see enough doubt…and it really worries me. As I psychologist, I understand why we prefer not to doubt but, for businesses at least, there has never been a time in history where doubting is more important.Two significant reasons why people don’t doubt are: 1. Believing, not doubting is our default state; we doubt