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10 short  ‘youtube’  Videos of Tony Crabbe discussing the book ‘Busy’youtube



WEBTOMORROW  |   KEYNOTE TONY CRABBE  |  EXPO GENT  |  09 JUNE 2017logo-circle-large

‘Beyond busyness, because Busy is for losers’
Everyone is busy these days as the digital transformation of society continues to accelerate exponential growth in information, communication and demand.  However, that’s not the real reason we’re busy….





Tony Crabbe How to thrive in a world that is too busy? It is difficult to ask anyone ‘How are you doing?’ without hearing the word ‘busy’ at some point in the answer. Tony Crabbe should know, he spends his time as a business psychologist consulting companies such as Microsoft, Disney and HSBC. According to Crabbe, people aren’t serial moaners; they are you and me: sufferers of busyness, who struggle with the demands and distractions of our world of too much. He wrote his book, ‘Busy’ not as someone who claims to have the solution, but because he was convinced there must be a better response than ‘busy’. And why we need to radically change how we respond to our world of too much.