Remote control your creativity

remote control - Copy

On many evenings, power in our house is defined as being the one holding the TV remote.

As we flop down into the sofa, chores done, one of us casually reaches for the controlshalf buried under cushions… Now imagine a TV without controls. A TV that gets stuck on channels – often the wrong channel – and that doesn’t allow you to adjust the volume, or even turn it off. Welcome to your brain. Continue reading…

Unforgettable presentations


Imagine you never forgot anything. How great would that be? Wrong. A perfect recall would be akin to madness. Forgetting is one of the most useful things the brain does. In a world where we are bombarded by so much information, so many experiences, forgetting is one of our best ways of filtering the useful and relevant from the not; the interesting from the dull.

Now imagine you’re standing in front of a room full of people as forgetful as you. The simple fact is that few people, when designing or delivering a presentation, give their audience the credit they deserve: they are world class forgetters. This blog is about simple strategies you can employ to get your messages remembered. Having interesting and relevant content is clearly important in making a memorable presentation; but it certainly isn’t everything. You don’t have to become more confident, extrovert or funnier to make more of an impact either. Simply play to the strengths of the brain – or more specifically the Working Memory – and you’ll create lasting memories.

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